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Car hire Bucharest Airport Otopeni (OTP)

  • Phone: +40 747 065 167

Bucharest, where history and modernity converge. Let us be your companion as you delve into the rich tapestry of this vibrant city.

With our reliable car rental service, you can effortlessly navigate Bucharest's cultural landmarks, hidden gems, and dynamic atmosphere. Don't miss these must-visit places in Bucharest:


  • Palace of the Parliament: Explore the colossal palace, the world's heaviest building, and a symbol of Romania's history.
  • Village Museum (Muzeul Satului): Wander through an open-air museum showcasing traditional Romanian village life.
  • Herastrau Park: Enjoy a leisurely stroll or rent a boat on the lake in this beautiful park.
  • Old Town (Lipscani District): Discover the historic heart of Bucharest with its charming streets, cafes, and vibrant nightlife.
  • Romanian Athenaeum: Admire the stunning architecture of this concert hall and cultural center.
  • Cismigiu Gardens: Relax in the scenic park, perfect for a tranquil escape.
  • National Museum of Art: Explore a vast collection of Romanian and European art, housed in a majestic building.
  • Revolution Square: Visit the site of Romania's 1989 revolution and see the impressive Memorial of Rebirth.
  • Carol Park: Discover the beautiful park and the Mausoleum of Carol I.
  • Cotroceni Palace: Tour the official residence of the President of Romania, a splendid architectural gem.

Make the most of your visit to Bucharest by exploring these incredible attractions, all easily accessible with our car rental service